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What an ignominious exit

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By K.N. Pandita

Congress has its patent antics of making scapegoats and passing the buck on.

Buta Singh has been a Congress activist for the whole of his life. How can one become Mr. non-partisan over night more so when the same party had catapulted him into the seat of the Governor to which he owed allegiance and which was in power at the centre?

His functioning has been controversial nay partial from the very outset of his tenure as Governor. In fact he found his counterfoil in Mr. Sibte Rizvi who had been censured by the President for misuse of his high office in somewhat similar manner. Why Buta Singh refused to learn something by that episode is intriguing. There can be only one explanation that Congress is too arrogant a party to run the country in strict adherence to the demands of democracy.

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