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Not protests but positive approach

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By K.N. Pandit

Nine Muslim organizations held a protest in the capital recently slamming Congress for victimizing Muslims who they claim are innocent. This protest was evoked by Delhi police investigations into this month’s Delhi bomb blasts.

The phenomenon of protesting against security forces and police conducting enquiries in the light of clues obtained through investigating agencies is being increasingly communalized and politicized at various levels. The trend was first set two decades ago by Kashmir Islamic insurgency in which case people came out in multitudes to protest the arrest of a suspected collaborator with insurgents or their conduit. The media would jump into the fray and click shots that highlighted so-called victimization.

In the case of Jamia Nagar investigations and rounding up of two students of the Jamia Millia, no less a person than the Vice Chancellor has come out in open support of the inmates of the institution alleged to have links with the Delhi bombers. He has offered financial support towards the legal defence of the arrested students.    Continue Reading…